How to connect HP printer to wifi?

Introduction to HP Printer

Hewlett-Packard or HP is a celebrated brand that manufactures various electronic products that include laptops, printers, drivers for printers, and other software. But majorly, HP designs laptops and printers. When it comes to printers, HP excels in designing high-quality printers. It would not be wrong to say if HP is a leader when it comes to manufacturing printer. HP has designed a range of different types of printers. HP keeps on innovating in HP printers. Therefore, you find the most advanced printers at HP. Whether it is personal or office use, everyone prefers HP. It delivers a smooth performance with no interruption.

If you own an HP wireless printer but don’t know how to connect hp printer to wifi, then we have come up with the whole procedure to connect the printer with wifi.

Below are the steps to follow to connect Hp printer to wifi:

  • Turn your wireless printer. You can use the touchscreen in the printer to connect your wireless network
  • On the touchscreen, press the right arrow key and press Set-up.
  • Select Network from the Set-up menu
  • Select Wireless Set-up Wizard from the Network menu; it will automatically search for the wireless routers I the range
  • Select Network (SSID) from the list
  • Enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase for the network and press Done
  • Press OK to confirm the Settings
  • Press OK to wireless report or Skip
  • You are now able to print on it.

Meanwhile, if you face any issue, you can get in touch HP experts at HP Support Number. On the other hand, the HP printer causes a range of technical issues to address. Therefore, we have come up with all HP printer issues with their solution.

Slow Printing issues

If your PC printer prints your documents at a very slow speed, there are a number of causes behind it. First, it is important to figure out the cause of the issue. For this, you should go to the Settings and change the print quality. If you are unable to figure out the cause, then embrace HP experts at Hp phone number.

Paper Jam issue

The Paper jam issue may occur due to plenty of reasons. If your printer shows a paper jam issue, then it can happen loaded papers are dirty, damp, or torn. Secondly, the paper roller is damaged. It can also occur when you insert more than one type of paper. Some objects may also create hurdles on the path of paper. If you add some paper during the printing process, the paper jam issue can occur.

Faded, dirty, and spotty prints

This issue may occur from the low toner. The issue may persist when the toner cartridge is the main problem. The solution is, pull out the cartridge and shake it properly to redistribute the toner, reinstall and print the documents. You can replace also the toner cartridge if faded prints still manifest.

Ghosts on the printouts

It happens when a lighter duplicate image appears on the printout. It can be related to power, insufficient voltage wattage. It is also common when the drum or imaging kit is verge on its end. If the problem persists, then replace the imaging kit.

Printer refuses to print

Check for all the computer connections, but if it still fails to print, it can be a software-related issue. It is important to keep track of the driver updates as it is developed to improve printer performance. If still the issue persists, you can get in touch with technical experts at HP phone number.

Even though HP is a high-quality printer device, it causes technical errors, especially when used for long and carelessly. Some users don’t properly use the printer, which results in a range of technical issues. HP experts will help you fix all types of HP printer related issues, including connecting the hp Deskjet printer to wifi or connecting my hp printer to wifi.


We understand that being a new user, the users often face issues while connecting their printer device to wifi. HP experts are the right professionals to share printer issues, including slow printing speed, dirty prints, and how to connect my hp printer to wifi.

No doubt HP printer is a high-quality device. But still, it is important to stay in touch with technical experts to resolve the issues and resume the printer work quickly. Hence, we would suggest getting in touch with HP experts to get the issues’ solution quickly.

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